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                  人教版英語三年級上冊 《Unit 2 Colours Part B》教案


                  2020-08-03 09:30:10

                  Unit 2 Colours

                  Part B


                  1、能聽說、認讀有關顏色的單詞: white, black, orange, brown.

                  2、能夠通過用Stand up! Sit down! Touch the ground. Turn around. W的指令練習和運用有關顏色的單詞。



                  1、重點掌握單詞white, black, orange, brown.能根據指令涂色和做出反應。

                  2、理解功能句:Stand up! Sit down! Touch the ground. Turn around.


                  能正確區分 black 與brown 的讀音,讀準ground and turn around.


                  Activity book, CAI, Tape-recorder, Over projector, Teaching aids, Picture., Word card, colour card and colour revolving plates.


                  Step 1 Warm-up

                  1. Greetings:

                  T: Good morning, Boys and girls!

                  Ss: Good morning, Ms…!

                  2. Free talk

                  A: Hello!

                  B: Hi!

                  A: What's your name?

                  B: My name is....

                  A: Nice to meet you.

                  B: Nice to meet you, too.

                  A: Goodbye!

                  B: Bye!

                  Step 2 Presentation

                  1. Lead-in

                  a. Let the pupils listen and do (T:Show me your crayons. Show me your blue /green /yellow /red /purple crayon)

                  For example:

                  T: Show me your blue crayon.

                  S: Blue crayon.

                  b. Show the words cards. Let the pupils read the words quickly. Chant: red, red, I like red.

                  c. Point to the colour revolving plates and tell the pupils we have learnt the five colour words, today we are going to learn the other colour words

                  2. New concept

                  1) Using Direct method of teaching(visual aid)to teach the new colour words T: Show me your black crayon教師舉起黑色蠟筆說,學生出示相應物品,根據語境和常識猜測black的意思是黑色,并給老師黑色蠟筆。

                  2) Guess the meaning of the word

                  3) Learn to say: black, black, it’s black. It's a black crayon.

                  4) Stick the word card; let the students recognize the word and Learn to say one by one: black, black.

                  5) The teacher shows something black and asks the student: T: What colour is it? S: Black. The teacher Heuristics the student to answer: It's black.

                  6) Chant: Black, black. I like black. What colour do you like? I like black, black and black.

                  7) Find sth. Black in the classroom and tell me.

                  S1: Black bag

                  S2: Black pencil-case

                  S3: Blackboard

                  S4: Black pen

                  S5: Black pencil

                  S6: ...

                  8) In this ways to teach the other words then open the books at Page28.

                  9) Read by yourself and try to remember.

                  3. Consolidation and extension

                  4. Play a guessing game


                  5. Put the word under the right colour picture.


                  Step 3 New concepts

                  1. Listen and do

                  通過教師的說和學生的做動作,讓學生明白 Turn around/ Touch the ground 的意思,并熟練掌握Turn around/ Touch the ground

                  2. CAI(CAI 呈現所要學的內容,讓學生整體感受新知,同時吸引了全體學生的注意力。)

                  3. Can you do? (CAI 再一次播放,讓學生模仿。通過看看、說說、做做等調動學生各種感官活動。)

                  4. Practice

                  1) Play a game: Listen and do.學生按不同顏色分組,每種顏色代表一組。學生聽指令做動作。


                  Black, Black, Stand up! (黑色組學生起立)

                  Brown, Brown, turn around! (棕色組學生手碰地面)

                  a. 師生互練,師說生做,再派學生上臺給出指令。(根據事先選取的幸運色按小組表演)

                  b. 每人定一種幸運色,以小組為單位相互練習。

                  2) Make a chant by yourself.


                  Black, black. Clap your hands. Black, black. Stamp your foot. Black, black. Snap your fingers.

                  Step 4 Discuss

                  1. Did you enjoy this lesson?

                  2. What have you learnt? Would you tell me, please?

                  Step 5 Homework

                  1. 唱colour song 給家長聽。

                  2. 你最喜歡哪種顏色?為什么?(顏色的象征意義,紅色代表熱情;黑色代表神秘;白色高雅純潔,純真無邪;藍色代表自由……)

                  3. 上網查找色彩艷麗的風景圖片,欣賞顏色的美,自由用英語談論。

                  4. Task: 每個學生用所學的知識向同伴介紹教室內外的至少五件物品(利用學習用品練習所學的顏色)


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