Mary Moe

This months member profile is Mary Moe......our lucky winner of the Refer a Friend Comp. Mary won for herself and her friend flights and race entry to the Wisconsin amazing prize well deserved!

With this prize in mind the first question we put to Mary was How did you find out about Run around USA and what do you most like about it so far? Mary answers enthusiastically "I heard about Run around USA through the Wisconsin Marathon page and a contest sponsored by both organizations. This prompted me to join the Run the USA fun so I could enter the contest (btw- I won!). I loved the website and all it had to offer from the get-go and got a friends and family to join too! :-) I love the way it keeps me motivated to run more, looking at my progress on the map, and looking forward to the e-mails about the towns as each new goal is reached. There is no way on earth I'd be able to visit each of these towns personally but it is good fodder for the imagination! Also love the T-shirt and looking forward to the medal too!

When did you start running Mary and why? "I started running at age 14 in Junior High School, I was inspired by my sister Carla who had joined X-Country before me. Always first a fan of X-Country, then Track. Fortunate to have been growing up in Wisconsin where X-Country was wildly popular and learned right away what significance the relationship of running and the camaraderie of running friendships would mean to me for life. Moved to Charlotte, NC between Jr. & Sr. year in high school. Although Charlotte was a much bigger city than where I came from, there were no girls X-country teams at the High School I attended or College! (Garringer High & UNCC) - I was quickly dubbed "Pioneer Woman" and ran with the men's team (for practices). I became homesick for Wisconsin and returned on a National Student exchange program to run one semester at UW-Eau Claire. 

I love the outdoors, especially trails and love how running can be a mental and physical release all while taking in beautiful scenes of natural areas. Also the way it creatively challenges you to improve even in unconventional ways, (especially in unconventional ways I am finding as I age..) Any run on trails is a memory-maker for me, love running at Kennesaw State Park here in the Atlanta area, and my favorite repeat race, Big South Fork in TN holds some of the top spots in recent memory. Also loved and will always remember, the Helen Holiday Half in Helen, Georgia - time with my daughter and beautiful North GA trails!"

We continued by asking Mary how she fits running in to her lifestyle (family and work) and where she gets her inspiration from. Mary quickly responded by stating "Early morning is key before anyone or anything else needs my attention. Inspiration is everywhere, in the strong men and women that I have known and run with, as well as the great running heroes from past and present. Grete Waitz and Suzy Favor Hamilton are a couple of my favorites! My Mom and my two Sisters are role models for me, but also Cousins and Friends: good people, strong yet kind, people who are persevering and resilient yet flexible.  

We concluded the interview by asking Mary what her running motto is. "For Life! - many "mantras" depending on the run, ("survive", "one more mile", "upright and forward", "blood and guts"..etc.) but just one "motto" - "For Life".

Love your passion for running and what Run around the USA is doing, it is inspiring to see how such a simple thing "sharing one's passion" can spread happiness!