Amanda Kowalski

Our first member of the month is appropriately one of our first members to join the Run Around USA community. Amanda started her journey with us in November 2016 and has clocked up 338 miles as she approaches her first "memento town" of New York.

We sat down with Amanda as our February member of the month and started by asking her a few questions about her running journey. 

When did you start running and why? "I started in 2009 so I can lose weight for my wedding. I never considered running as a child. Looking back, I wish I had. What I love most about running since I started is the "runner’s high" and sense of accomplishment I feel after a good run". Amanda then tells us about her most memorable run, which was...."No doubt it was the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. It was my first full marathon and I ran it with my husband and my sister for the American Cancer Society in honor of my mom".

How did you find out about Runaround USA and what made you join? "My coach told me about it. I think it’s a neat concept. I like the idea of virtually running through the country and learning about the towns I pass through. We have a wonderful group we train with for our long runs each week". Amanda adds "My favourite training run is the long, easy, high volume run with our group. It’s always a 2-3 hour run but goes by so fast because of all the fun we have".

Run around USA is all about every person's individual journey, so we asked Amanda to tell us a bit about how she fits running in to her lifestyle (family and work).  "I have a busy life but running is an important part of it. I’m lucky because my husband is a runner too and we’re very supportive of each other.  Each Sunday my coach gives me a training plan. Because I’m on a set work schedule I can plan out all my runs for the week fairly easy". And Amanda's most memorable moment thus far in her journey? "It’s still early but I’d have to say making it to Hershey PA just because of its popularity for chocolate. I’m looking forward to getting to New York City soon".

Where do you draw inspiration from Amanda? "My running friends! Each one has their own unique story as to why they took up running and continue to run. They all amaze me and keep me going. Our club (Full Potential Running) is full of amazing people from all walks of life.  It seems like we have a new team member daily which is awesome. They simply help make my passion for running that much stronger. And my coach is one of the most determined and disciplined people I have ever met. He sets goals for himself and gives 110% in his effort to achieve them. He’s hoping to qualify for the next Olympic Marathon Trials and I have no doubt he can do it".

Amanda's running motto....... "I love the person I am because I fought to become her….I am a runner!"