Mel Addis

I started running just over 2 years ago when i was encouraged by one of my best friends (Laura) to help me in my weight loss journey. I initially laughed at her and said "not a chance am I running, I can't run to save my life". Anyways..... I got a lot of help and support from her, downloaded a c25k app to my phone and started. I really did get the bug quite early on and ended up going out 5 nights a week!!! Me and my friend Laura usually tried to get out 2 times a week together, because i found she was a great motivator and fantastic pacer. Although what was funny..... we both ran with music in our ears, never talked during our runs but used hand signals as our "keep going" for motivation haha. 

Anyways, 6-8 months in I had a slight accident - I feel during one run when i was on my own, grade 2 ligament damage - crutches and was off work for 3 months! 

Recovery after was long, and my confidence took a massive knock! Even now I still struggle! I joined the Instagram family to document my journey and follow like minded people! The running community on Instagram is seriously supportive! I am still quite a nervous runner but my running family really do cheer me on!

I came across Run Around USA during a search one day, and I was really intregued by the concept of a virtual map to track my running! I intially thought..... "sure my miles aren't big enough on a weekly or monthly basis for this" but I am now reaching my second checkpoint! I love the ethos of Run Around USA, and doesn't matter if you run walk or treadmill - you still clock up your miles!! So anyways..... contact with Eric and here i am on my 2 second checkpoint! I tell all my friends to join up!! Oh...... the bonus about joining up - free T-shirt!! Super light and comfy!! And always when worn..... "tell me about the T-shirt" 

I'm not an experienced runner, I try to get to race days when I can but I just love getting out and going for a run! I will encourage anyone, I will support anyone who want's to take up running, I will run and walk with them. I always say...  "I'm not very good, I'm not very fast, I do sometimes walk during a run" but at the end of the day..... it's about having fun!!! My cheesy pic shows the fun I have when i run! 

This is why i love using and being a part of the running community, and the Run Around USA family!! Support! And a big family!

A little interesting fact about me - The running bible used one of my medals in their competition and it won! (Castleward Challenge) 

Oh and..... currently involved in the competition being run by the run the world.... come on and join team whatw6! That's where the fun is at haha.