John Majerus

I'm John, I first started running early in high school. I ran before school to lose weight and try to stay in shape after I had stopped playing soccer. After a few years of not running, I started running again in my third year of college at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, this time competitively. I gave running a shot at Harper because I missed doing sports competitively and I wanted to be a part of a team again. There are two things that I love about running. The first is the time you get to spend alone with your own thoughts. Getting to spend time in the fresh air and just think while you work out is extremely enjoyable. I also really enjoy how tangible the results are based on your training. Running is the ultimate form of you get out what you put in.

I found out about Run Around USA from my one of my coaches. The draw for me to join was the way it showed and tracked your progress throughout the year. Reaching milestone towns has been cool and knowing that I’ve already made it to Boston is also awesome. It helps keep me motivated to run every day. My most memorable run was running at Nationals my second year of competition. After getting hurt late in the season I went on to finish 9th and earn an All-American spot. It was when I really believed running was something I could be pretty good at.

I train mostly alone when I’m not running with my former college teams. I train here and there with some old teammates and friends. I love doing 800 repeats. I like the speed mixed in with the repetitions. Or anything involving hills. As far as racing goes, I think I enjoy racing a 1500m the most. I have good leg speed and when I’m in decent shape I can run a good time. 

I just graduated college and am only going to be working part-time for a small wealth management firm. My boss is aware of how much I run and the various things I’m trying to do going forward with running and is supportive of that. My family and friends support me as well and will run with me or bike with me depending on the day. The biggest thing is being consistent and managing my daily schedule accordingly to fit whatever run I need to do in.

Running in my childhood was predominantly in other sports or to lose weight for a few years. My favorite moment so far was receiving the singlet and other cool things based on my mileage. The singlet is the most comfortable singlet I’ve ran in and I wear the other cool gear often. 

I draw inspiration from other athletes and teammates/training partners that work hard. Seeing someone else going through something and pushing themselves towards growth and improvement helps me do the same.

My role models are mainly former teammates and coaches. Anyone around me that is trying to achieve something that others doubt they can accomplish. 

Here is my running motto I live by - "Believe you belong and let your body do the rest". 


Tell us about your Run Around USA Club - I am starting my own club for runners in my area that ran in college or are still running in college. It is going to be mostly Harper College Alumni to start. It most likely will be public once we actually make the team.