Robert Alan Douglas

Each month we will profile one of our valued member’s and give an insight into what makes them tick. These profiles are designed to inspire others through stories and updates, as well as introduce members to each other around the country… in the case one day you’re at an event with your Run around USA top on, you can say Hello and share a story or two.

We start Robert’s profile by asking him when he started running and why? “I started running my freshman year of high school” Robert begins. “I did it because my Uncle was a very good high school runner and I use to hear all of the stories from my Grandmother. It really caught my eye and made me want to give it a try. I wasn't much into running at the start, and the program I had at my high school was pretty underdeveloped. It really taught me how to train by myself though. I did almost all of my routines on my own. I feel it really helped me build character.” Robert goes on to add…..”Running got me away from a lot of negative things in my life so I feel like I can't live without it. I always find ways to fit my runs in between classes and work. I can't miss a run or it just feels wrong. I love how running takes consistency and patience. That's a thing that everybody should work on in life and can make life run a lot smoother and simpler. My main attraction towards it is maintaining a healthy life style and enjoying nature.”

How did you find out about Run around USA Robert, and what made you join? “I found out from My Coach. What made me interested is the fact that I already enjoy uploading my runs and logging mileage. This just keeps it more interesting and a fun way to set goals. I needed something to keep me going on my week day double runs and this certainly helped. I like that you can virtually see progress which can give you an easier visual idea of goals and where you're at or progressed.”

We asked Robert where he draws inspiration from and he was quick to reply, “I draw my inspiration from my Uncle and my Mother. My Uncle made me want to train harder hearing about how he would run such high mileage as just a High School student. My Mother keeps me motivated always supporting me no matter how much time it takes up even as she raised my brother and I on her own she still takes the time for me. My main role model I'd have to say was my Grand Father. He was my father figure in my life growing up. Hearing how rough a life he grew up with and becoming a great man really inspired me. He always supported me and gave me advice when I needed it. The little time he was here when I got into running it made him so happy. I saw his eyes light up like he saw my Uncle when he saw me. It was a good feeling and made me feel like I had accomplished something.”

What has been you most memorable run? “My most memorable run would have to be when I ran at The Elgin XC City Classic and got Second place. I nearly got first but my leg gave out towards the last straight away. I remember this because I gave every ounce of energy on that course. I collapsed at the finish and I couldn't stand. It was a great feeling to give everything.”

And what has been your favourite Run around USA moment? “I would have to say when me and a few of my teammates went on a night adventure run and we crossed a creek and got lost several times, we even raced down a slide. It had that eerie fog with a light misting of rain. Everything about that run was captivating.”

And what is Robert’s running motto?? Every day you train you get stronger. I say that because one of my old volunteer coaches would always say that in Latin and he was the most driven coach I had in all of high school.