Josh Heath

This month we interview stay at home dad and relatively new runner Josh Heath. With a goal to one day achieve a Boston Qualifier, we wanted to know where Josh started his running and what he is currently doing as a Run around USA member.

We started by asking when Josh started running, why and what he has grown to love about it. "I started running in August of 2013. I had just lost a lot of weight using exercise videos and had started to plateau. We were on a family vacation with no space to do my exercise videos so my sister-in law invited me to go for a run. I enjoyed the exercise and haven't stopped since. I love competing against myself setting goals and hitting them and it's a sport that you can do almost anywhere. I also can say I have made some great friends that I have met from running".

And what do you like most about Run around USA Josh? "It inspires me to get out and run when I see all the runners posting their workouts from the day. It's Great motivation! I mainly train alone but as long runs get longer I do run with a buddy it helps the time pass faster. Thanks Rob! I'm a stay at home Dad so when my son heads to school I go out for a run. We have also got to see extended family more often by planing destination races". We continue by asking Josh what has been his favorite Run around USA moment....and he replies enthusiastically....."Having some of my friends join! We may not talk or text everyday but I'm sure we inspire each other by posting workouts on the site".

Speaking of friends, Josh's most memorable run was the Hartford Marathon in 2014. "This was my second attempt at the marathon distance" Josh tells us. "the first attempt was a disaster, but this time I made some friends in the starting coral and the 3 of us ran together the whole way."

Josh tells us that his main goals are "Staying healthy and being able to watch my son grow up.... and striving for a BQ! I still enjoy the 13.1, it's still a challenge for me but recovery is a lot easier after a race."

And Josh's running motto......"Make today better than yesterday!"