Joining is easy and secure through PayPal. For a 12 month membership fee of $50.00, you will receive a high performance event singlet or running tee, a full sized quality medal AND access to our unique and informative website, which includes a detailed map of YOUR journey around the United States, along with many other features you will love!
RUN AROUND USA is cheaper than most running events, and 364 days longer.......Plus we offer access to an amazing community of runners and walkers to motivate and inspire you along the way.

How to register

Following the same process as entering a fun run or major running event, your membership will commence immediately and give you a full 12 months access to our website, so you can begin YOUR journey and see how far you can get.

Registration is as simple as the steps below:


Register online with an annual payment of $50.00 (less than $1 a week), using PayPal, giving instant membership access.


Run or walk as far as you can, as often as you like and wherever you want. Your membership starts immediately, so set yourself goals and become familiar with the route you are setting out on as you visit over 100 towns along YOUR journey.

Record your runs via Strava, GPS, or via the RUN THE WORLD app. For those not technologically savvy, you can simply punch in your workout or race results into the website and that’s it – we will do the rest!


Check the mail for your event singlet/shirt to be posted as part of your membership. Once received, wear it with pride, and be sure take photos for our various Facebook and Instagram competitions.

Spread the word and get others involved in RUN AROUND USA with you. Create a club to become eligible for our Club Rewards program.


We will then plot how far you run each week, month and for the 365 days….And will add your results to a weekly updated “scoreboard” which compares your performance against EVERYONE else entered in RUN AROUND USA.

See how far you can run in 365 days against people in your age group, in your club or in another part of the world. Keep an eye out for regular competitions.....With prizes up for grabs!


Compete for multiple years and see how long it will take you to run the 10,670 miles around the USA. For major cities reached on your journey, we will send you a souvenir to acknowledge your performance, and upon completion of the RUN AROUND USA, we will send you a certificate to outline your achievement of running around the country.....And maybe even come and run the final few miles with you!