Running Clubs

We provide the opportunity for your club to join a common event that EVERYONE can participate in, no matter where they are, when they run or how they do it .....for a full 12 months. Your own club leader board and club homepage provides plenty of opportunity for club promotion, as well as friendly competition among club members.

Promote RUN AROUND USA to EVERYONE and get them to join as part of your club. There is an amazing feeling that comes from being part of a group that works together and motivated each other.

Be inspired by others and be inspiring yourself.

Step 1: Click on the registration button and become a Run around USA individual member and start YOUR journey.

Step 2: Create a CLUB. Use the "Club" tab on the website and add all your club details such as training times, locations, Facebook links and more.....



Step 3: Spread the word and get as many members as you can to enter. When they enter as an individual, get them to choose your club from the drop down box that presents itself.

Become accountable by being part of a Club.

Become competitive in your Club - strive to be your best.

Be motivated and motivating and inspiring!

Step 4: Create some friendly banter. All your club members will have their results combined on your own club leader board (as well as see their name listed individually on all other leader boards), and the website will do the rest. Check each week, month and at the end of the year to see how your club went against other clubs from around the USA and the world!

Step 5: Be engaging with others within the club and externally as well. Have fun! Even set up your own group chat to discuss all things Run around USA.

Step 6: Round up your club members on occasions for a group run or social outing. Head to an event together in your Run around USA tops or your club colors and clock up the miles together.